Vishesh and Kanchan to CONSUMMATE their marriage in &TV’s Mitegi Lakshman Rekha?

MUMBAI: &TV’s Mitegi Lakshman Rekha will soon showcase a drama related to kitchen politics.

Kanchan is preparing kheer for the first time in the Rajmahal house and serves it to everyone. However, by mistake, she messes up the delicacy by adding salt instead of sugar. While the entire family is excited to try the first sweet made by Kanchan, Vishesh’s dadi ends up being the first to taste it. On finding it immensely sour, she erupts with anger.

She then goes on to punish Kanchan by telling her that it is inauspicious for the first meal prepared by a new daughter-in-law to go wrong.

All these complications are followed by Kanchan and Vishesh spending their first night together after marriage.

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